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Client: Millennium Collaborative Care (MCC) is a PPS whose mission is to ignite healthcare change in Western New York through partnerships and initiatives. As the Population Health Services organization for its partners in the region, MCC’s vision is to “enable people through Value Based population health.”

Problem: Like other newly formed PPSs, MCC needed a streamlined, centralized solution for delivering its projects and initiatives. Early on, there was a priority to provide workforce training across its network and collect workforce data in one centralized database.

HWNY Solutions: HWNY, as a technology partner and expert in DSRIP, partnered with MCC in 2016 to launch a customized Learning Management System built to deliver online and in-person workforce trainings, track key DSRIP metrics, generate custom DSRIP reports, and provide a reporting process for all MCC partners to submit workforce data into one aggregated database. HWNY also provides account services and support to assist the day-to-day success of these solutions as a collaborator working towards the same shared mission.


Through their HWapps workforce platform, MCC has collected thousands of training registrations into online, webinar, and in-person learning, as well as allowed partners to easily and effectively to report workforce activity each reporting period into one central database.

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