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Client: Leatherstocking Collaborative Health Partners (LCHP) is a PPS that serves several counties in upstate New York with 98 partners dedicated to transforming healthcare delivery in their communities towards a more collaborative, patient-centered, and accessible model. From the onset of DSRIP in 2014, HWNY has collaborated and consulted with LCHP on successfully launching its key workforce initiatives.

Problem: LCHP’s partner network is spread out geographically throughout its rural region in Upstate New York which posed problems with streamlining information, data, processes, and projects. It needed a technology partner to advise and implement a capable solution to workforce development across its network.

Because LCHP’s network is mostly rural, it was facing major recruitment and retention challenges to address the growing workforce attrition in the region.

HWNY Solutions: HWNY provided a customized LMS for CCN built to capture and report on key project metrics for DSRIP as well as account services and end-user support to provide a great experience while using the platform. Additionally, HWNY provides workforce consulting and support to ensure that LCHP is able to report quarterly to New York State on the progress of its network’s workforce development.

In 2018, HWNY created and launched a recruitment campaign in the LCHP region aimed at filling key healthcare positions in the area. The three key aims of the ongoing campaign are to:
Recruit High School students and individuals living in the region into high needs careers
Bring healthcare providers into the region to practice
Provide career development and growth opportunities to healthcare workers in the region

Impact: Through HWNY’s solutions, LCHP has been able to deliver trainings across its network, as well as successfully report all workforce data across its network.

Through years of consulting, HWNY has advised and recommended sustainability strategies for long-term workforce development. In 2018, HWNY designed and piloted a Recruitment Campaign that is still ongoing.

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