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Training and development can be major headaches, and enterprise software is extremely expensive and rigid. HWNY's learning solutions are affordable, customizable, and flexible to adapt around your changing needs.

HWapps LMS

Enhance learning and development efforts with an agile training delivery, tracking, and reporting tool customized to meet your training needs and business goals. 

$12,000 per year*

InService Solutions

Remove the burden of mandatory training with our customizable healthcare-specific compliance templates optimized for learning on any device for accessibility.

$1,000 per template*

Mental Health First Aid Training

Train your team on risk factors and warning signs of mental health problems, build their understanding of impact and appropriate supports in our our 8-hour training program. 

$5,000 per training*

Training Catalog

Search our network-wide database of trainings on the Health Workforce Collaborative Hub.

* Pricing is based on average project amount and will vary based on scope. Contact us for more information on pricing. 

Our solutions are designed directly within and for the world of healthcare, and they are wrapped with layers of direct human support services to help you along the way.​

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Custom Solution Design

Need something new? We can help you design bespoke solutions tailored to your workforce needs. 

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