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For more than 20 years, our team of regional directors and program coordinators have successfully implemented hundreds of programs that expose youths to healthcare careers, mission-driven employers, and underserved communities. 

MASH Camps

Expose local high school students to your culture, careers, and pathway opportunities with our 1 to 5 day career exploration camps. 

$7,000 per camp*

Job Shadows

Pair students with an employee to observe their workday, ask questions, and assess whether the career and culture is the right fit for them. 

$500 per student*

Rural Immersion

Bring health professions students into your community for a week-long “life as a rural health care provider” experience. See program impact here >

$10,000 per immersion*

More Programs

Search our network-wide database of programs and services on the Health Workforce Collaborative Hub.

* Pricing may vary based on location, travel, scope, and resources required. Contact us for more information on pricing. 

Each program is customizable and we manage the promotion, recruitment, paperwork, and coordination of participants. We also work closely with your team to engage the community and support program delivery where applicable.   

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