Employee Experience (EX) Workshops

Recruit more, turnover less by going beyond surveys and analytics to engage your workforce in hands-on problem-solving workshops designed to collaboratively identify, prioritize, and take action on value-driven solutions. 

Workshop Packages

Our human-centered workshop packages combine proven methods of creative problem-solving, innovation, and service design thinking. 

EX Awareness

Engage your entire workforce to collaboratively identify opportunities to improve their employee experience. 


Insight, Strategy, & Action Workshops

You go from a broad set of ideas and opportunities to clear alignment and action on a set of prioritized EX objectives.


Solution Design

Reduce financial risk and implement a new solution with confidence by testing, iterating, and proving idea viability before investing.


EX Problem-Solving Workshop

Stop endless, no action meetings with our proven problem-solving workshops enabling teams to confidently make decisions and creatively solve problems faster. 


* Pricing is based on average project amount and will vary based on scope. Contact us for more information on pricing. 

Contact us to tailor a workshop to your needs

Our workshops are designed to empower your organization to:


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