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Client: SEIU 1199’s Ladders to Value (LTV) WIO

Overview: In 2017, Ladders to Value (LTV) was identified as a Workforce Investment Organization to oversee managed long-term care plans in certain regions of New York State to drive recruitment, retraining, and redeployment efforts.

Problem: To grow the long-term care workforce in regions all across New York State, LTV needed to centralize training, recruitment, and redeployment efforts across all of its plans, employers, and facilities. This posed an exceptionally large challenge requiring coordination of processes, data, expectations, and information. An immediate priority was to begin tracking in-person long-term care trainings. LTV needed a centralized solution.

HWNY Solutions: Staying ahead of NYSDOH’s emerging WIO program, HWNY anticipated the requirements that would be needed for successfully delivering on the project. HWNY soon partnered with LTV and provided a workforce management platform that could, to begin with, provide an in-person training tracking solution where plans and employers across New York State could report on the training of their long-term care employees into one central database. Through custom development and hands-on account services that helped onboard the new process and data, HWNY worked to implement a sustainable, custom-built platform that has begun providing value in other areas beyond training management.


Countless hours saved on manually managing training information.
Allowed all employers to submit data to one central location and have their data stored in one central, aggregated database.
Ability to pull real-time custom reports on impact numbers.

Number of registrations in trainings by long-term care employees across NYS: 62,488

A number of long-term care trainings or courses related to one of 4 managed long-term care initiatives: 309 unique trainings representing online learning, webinars, certification programs, college degree programs, and hundreds of in-person sessions.


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