In 2017, New York State Department of Health expanded the Medicaid Reform Team Waver Amendment and launched the Managed Long Term Care Workforce Investment Program (MLTC WIO). To streamline the system that delivers long-term care, the idea behind the MLTC WIO program is to grow and enhance the managed long term care workforce to better care for chronically ill or disabled and who wish to stay in their homes and communities. To make this transformation, the MLTC WIO program requires or recommends long term care facilities migrate to a managed plan approved by the NYSDOH to deliver long term care.

A key MLTC WIO initiative is to grow and reinvigorate the long term care workforce within these plans. HWNY saw an opportunity as soon as this program was launched to partner with Workforce Investment Organizations to brainstorm and implement key strategies for managing MLTC WIO outcomes. HWNY adapted its HWapps technology and services to support the complex training and data management needs for these WIOs and is currently working with Finger Lakes PPS and 1199SIEU Training & Employment Funds: Ladders to Value to meet their deliverables.

28,000 Registrations in MLTC-related trainings within Y1

27,000 long term care employees across NYS involved already in LTV’s WIO program within Y1 have accounts

Features of this Project:

  • Deployment of HWapps
    • Highly-customized Learning Management System (LMS) for the hosting and promotion of online and in-person trainings with advanced data tracking tools to track and aggregate workforce data.
    • Full-integration with WIO-specific parameters into the technology (integrating plans, regional information, WIO initiative data, and employers seamlessly throughout the training and database infrastructure)
    • A customized WIO training database capable of preparing custom-reports on demand, aggregating large amounts of data, and allow for direct, seamless bulk uploading of data into the database with instant aggregation
  • HWNY Project Management
    • A Project Manager to ensure the success of the “implementation” phase of the project and initial build-out of the HWapps platform.
  • Account Service & Support
    • As an extension of the WIO’s team, the account service and support team assisted with team onboarding, technology training, oversite and help around migrating the behemoth of data “from the field” into the HWapps database, and with the direct preparation of quarterly WIO reports.
  • Custom Development
    • Custom development was utilized to ensure that, as programmatic and process transformations unfold, the HWapps technology is nimble and effective in allowing the WIO to meet its deliverables.

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