In 2014, New York State’s Department of Health implemented a sweeping new program to drive Medicaid redesign. The Delivery System Reform Incentive Payment (DSRIP) program is designed to initiate healthcare delivery system reform through formation of community-level collaborations, the implementation of creative projects, and the formation of safety nets all working to fundamentally restructure the healthcare delivery system.

Since the beginning, HWNY has been working closely with 13 of the 25 Performing Provider Systems (PPSs) across New York state to support workforce project needs across their entire networks. HWNY designed HWapps for DSRIP technology specifically to help these networks delivery trainings, meet workforce impact outcomes, push recruitment and retention efforts, track and aggregate workforce data, and submit workforce reporting.

Features of this Project:

* Deployment of HWapps for DSRIP

o Highly-customized Learning Management System (LMS) for the hosting and promotion of online and in-person trainings with advanced data tracking tools to track and aggregate workforce data.

o A digital Community for two-way conversations inside and between organizations, focused forum discussions, meeting management and document sharing, and private and public groups that allow for rapid project communication

o A recruitment tool that allows for direct engagement between employers and workers impacted by the DSRIP workforce program. Organizations can post jobs, collect and search resumes, and connect directly with candidates in a Career Center. Workers can apply for jobs, upload resumes, and learn about emerging job titles.

o Data Tracking and aggregation tools that can produce on-the-spot custom training or recruitment reports.

o A Workforce Reporting mechanism designed specifically to support partner organizations who quarterly report workforce impact and spending to their PPS. This data becomes aggregated and is reported directly to the state.

* Workforce consulting

o From the beginning of DSRIP, HWNY consultants expertly monitored and researched the emerging program. With the goal of always staying one step ahead of the systems directly implementing the program, HWNY identified practical and achievable methods for successfully meeting outcomes. As DSRIP transformed, HWNY consultants closely advised PPSs directly, and cultivated a culture of inter-PPS collaboration and engagement. HWNY consultants have recently turned their attention to identifying and implementing sustainability plans for PPSs to continue to provide value to their workforce networks even after the DSRIP program ends.

* Project Management

o HWNY Project Managers bear the responsibility of successfully implementing HWapps for DSRIP projects from start to finish, ensuring the entire HWNY team, HWapps technology, and PPS are collaboratively working towards outcomes.

* Product Management & Development

o Utilizing Agile Development, HWNY’s team of developers and Product Managers continuously ensure the success of HWapps for DSRIP. Through research, discovery, and priority-based development, this part of the team advises, creates, and delivers the quality technology that meets your changing needs at every step.

* Account Service and Support

o HWNY’s Account Service and Support team provide invaluable day-to-day assistance around the successful administration of HWapps technology. Whether it is daily administration and oversite of trainings, preparing of data reports, providing technical expertise, or direct customer support to your end-users, the HWNY Account Service and Support team are experts in HWapps technology and are truly an extension of your team.

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