Digital Experience is a user-needs focused initiative and requires more than just robust technology. It is about understanding your user and building a humanized experience.

What is Digital Experience?
Digital Experience is an increasingly significant part of our life. Smart phones, online shopping, use of social media, responding to emails, checking the weather forecast; our daily experiences are shaped by many simple, yet incredibly well-designed, interactions that make us “repeat customers” to these services.

Increasingly, workforce strategists and smart organizations are beginning to apply these same strategies to the healthcare workforce: How can we reduce turnover by providing a more positive digital experience? 

Why it’s important
It is important that we address this question and advocate for solutions. When we don’t, patient outcomes and employee engagement suffer, and the risk for expensive turnover spikes.

The world is changing rapidly. New technology and innovation is inspiring new behavior, including in the workplace. Consequentially, the time is right for ensuring the employee experience is optimized and personalized , considering that most other aspects of their life is.

HWNY commits itself to this priority focus area in the following way:

1 – Keeping a pulse on the healthcare workforce’s digital experience needs through focus groups, interviews, and market research

2 – Promoting Best Practices for growing an optimized Digital Experience at your organization

3 – Delivering human-centered solutions guided by what our research and best practices suggests users really need into HWNY’s products and services so as to help organizations reduce turnover

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