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Client: Care Compass Network (CCN) is a PPS that serves several counties partnered with 180 organizations ranging from hospital systems, community-based organizations, nursing homes, behavioral health and substance use disorder programs, social services agencies, and similar entities. CCN’s mission as a PPS is to improve the health and well-being of its community members, and has key workforce development initiatives.

Problem: One of CCN’s workforce transformation initiatives includes workforce training for their partners and their employees. In order to deliver, track, and report on trainings, there was a large lift required due to the geographical spread of the network, a lot of which is rural. There was also no solution for streamlining reporting and tracking of workforce data across CCN’s partners which posed major challenges towards administering how and what to report.

HWNY Solutions: HWNY provided a customized LMS for CCN built to capture and report on key project metrics for DSRIP, as well as account services and end-user support. This provided a great experience while using the platform.

HWNY’s solution also included workforce reporting tools that allowed CCN’s partners to submit workforce data into one central, aggregated database. HWNY also provides consulting and support throughout the reporting periods.

Impact: CCN has delivered close to a hundred trainings, tracking approximately 1,000 registrations.  They has successfully managed reporting all necessary workforce data through HWapps.

In 2019, CCN’s focus began to shift towards finding a sustainability plan for building an infrastructure to grow the workforce in their area for the long-term. HWNY consulted and proposed a Recruitment & Outreach Project which is being planned and formalized to leverage partner collaborations, content and media, boots-on-the-ground efforts, and digital marketing to target and engage audiences about healthcare career opportunities as well as provide them with guidance and actionable steps for achieving their goals.

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