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Client: 1199SIEU Training & Upgrading Fund (TUF) is dedicated providing a ladder to individuals interested in a healthcare career. From defining career objectives to coordinating education programs, TUF helps individuals achieve their professional goals.

Problem: TUF originally utilized Eventbrite to schedule training events, office hours, and career counseling sessions for individuals on-track towards a healthcare career, but faced challenges due to limitations that were hindering their ability to scale and provide a truly value-added experience for its members. Put plainly, Eventbrite did not have the scope of features required to efficiently manage scheduling and registration and was not providing as good a user experience as TUF needed to provide its new members.

HWNY Solutions: HWNY and TUF began working together in 2018 to implement a robust training scheduling and registration platform designed to provide TUF and its new members a clean experience. Through numerous iterations and product development iterations, HWNY tailored every aspect of the HWapps platform to TUF’s specific operational needs which continue to be a vehicle through which hundreds of individuals achieve their professional goals of becoming a healthcare worker.

Impact: Through their HWapps platform, TUF has been able to…

  • Deliver 167 unique courses with thousands of sessions
  • Served 14,000 members looking to advance their health career

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