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OneCity Health is New York City’s largest Performing Provider System (PPS) and is sponsored by the largest public healthcare system in the United States, NYC Health + Hospitals. HWNY began working with OneCity Health in 2017 to advance its mission and help meet its DSRIP workforce deliverables. Since then, HWNY has provided consulting on digital training solutions to train more people easily and quickly than before, planning and deployment of training impact and evaluation tracking, customization of an HWapps Learning Management platform, and development of various training features and reporting tools that seek to automate existing manual processes to save time.

Through this, HWNY continues to provide OneCity Health a customized solution for training deployment across multiple healthcare organizations. The strength in OneCity Health’s Learning Management System rests not just in the power of the highly project-specific technology, but also in the resources that allow for the continuous streamlined implementation of the larger training delivery mechanism that helps OneCity Health deliver metric-based, professional development, and value-adding training resources to its partner network quicker and easier.

In total, the OneCity Health Learning Management System supports training delivery and provides career-enhancement and professional development opportunities to 120,000 healthcare employees across the PPS network.

73,000 users with access to career-enhancing trainings

25,000 registrations into trainings

Over 225+ trainings available across numerous catalogs and initiatives

Features of this Project:

  • Highly customized HWapps Learning Management System
    • A substantial amount of time was reserved for implementation at the start of this project; considerable collaboration, planning, design, and development was conducted in partnership with OneCity Health to design a Learning Management System with the capability to serve their entire network’s DSRIP needs
    • An emphasis on user-experience lead to an advanced user dashboard tool, comprehensive automated and manual communication tools, and innovative ways to showcase training initiatives and engage with employees
    • Powerful new databases designed to support large-scale aggregation and tracking
    • Day-to-day attendance tracking tools for in-person trainings designed to minimize the burden of manually processing data for OneCity Health
    • Implementation of an advanced class capacity tool that automated the process of coordinating enrollment in trainings with space-limitations
    • A tool to automate post-training evaluations
    • A built-out Support section with both user and administrative guides, support FAQs, and resources
    • Advanced administrative dashboards custom-designed around providing OneCity Health training managers a time-saving hub to operate from
  • Onboarding Health + Hospitals Employees Process
    • As NYC Health + Hospitals saw the effectiveness of the OneCity Health Learning Management System in quickly enrolling large numbers of employees into trainings, it became interested in HWNY’s ability to address a growing need: for incoming onboarding employee rounds, how can OneCity Health and NYC Health + Hospitals effectively manage the enrollment of thousands of people across multiple locations before training deadlines pass? Through collaboration, a process and a technology solution quickly poised itself to address this need. HWNY would collaborate with OneCity Health to utilize a customized bulk-enrollment tool to enroll onboarding employees automatically and confirm their enrollment automatically over email. When the training was complete, the onboarding employees would be marked as “complete.”
  • Integrated, seamless access to trainings for all NYC Health + Hospital employees
    • To provide the best user-experience for NYC Health + Hospitals’ over 64,000 employees, HWNY successfully implemented fully integrated single-sign on (SSO) for employees to access trainings on the OneCity Health Learning Management System directly from the native Health + Hospitals environment. HWNY integrated with PeopleSoft, H+H’s internal software, to share data and make this possible.
  • HWNY Consulting
    • HWNY consulted with OneCity Health in order to strategically transition the network to a digital environment. Specifically, HWNY advised and participated in communication, outreach, preparation of promotional material, and deployment of the entire project across such a large network in a way that minimized the “culture shock” of digitizing training processes and maximized interest and understanding in the value of the project among stakeholders.
  • Continuous Agile Development
    • HWNY Product Managers continuously worked with OneCity Health to determine needs, priorities, and enhancements to support improving user-experience, responding to new training initiatives, and adapt to unfolding data management and tracking needs. The HWNY development team utilized agile development methodology to ensure the OneCity Health Learning Management System was rapidly evolving and responding to the changing environment.
  • Account Services
    • HWNY’s account service team, an extension of the OneCity Health team, makes day-to-day training operations possible. As experts in the HWapps technology, the account service team is continuously involved in the administration of new trainings, preparing of data reports, and ensuring that OneCity Health is meeting its short-term deliverables and deadlines.
  • Customer Support
    • OneCity Health contracts HWNY to provide direct customer support to users across its entire network. Through official HWNY Support channels, employees can contact HWNY’s Support Team directly to get real-time assistance. HWNY utilizes a custom-designed ticketing system to address requests thoroughly and rapidly.

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