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Service 01

Digital Strategy Discovery & Consultation

To ensure your organization’s investments in digital transformation achieve the desired goals, HWNY will engage leadership to set priorities, align digital solutions with mission-driven target outcomes, and outline the critical information and resources needed to achieve each outcome. HWNY will conduct a thorough Discovery protocol which will serve as the foundation for the creation of a comprehensive Digital Strategy. The Digital Strategy will provide a blueprint for implementing strategically-aligned digital solutions and a detailed roadmap to guide when and how to launch each digital solution.

This process will provide discrete, baseline project goals and outcome measures that drive priorities, align resource investment to impact, and highlight targets for HWNY to exceed on delivery.

Service 02

HWapps Subscription and Hosting

To considerably reduce development costs, HWNY will deploy and customize HWapps, a highly innovative and comprehensive technology-based platform with proven ability to support large scale training deployment, complex data management, and integration with third-party systems.

HWapps tools include:

  • Mobile Accessible Website and Portals
  • Enrollment Management
  • Learning Management
  • Career Planning
  • Resource Management
  • Community Networks
  • Alumni Relations
  • Placement Scheduling
  • Data Tracking and Reporting
  • Communication and Collaboration
Service 03

Custom Agile Development

To ensure your platform meets the complex needs of today and the emerging demands of tomorrow, HWNY will work in collaboration with you to customize the HWapps platform. Customizations will not only meet and exceed your known requirements, they will also meet the strategically-aligned needs identified in the Digital Strategy Discovery process, as well as the user experience-driven needs identified in an on-going evaluation of user interaction with the platform.

With Continuous Agile Development, platform developments will not be based on a rigid scope of features, but rather a backlog of ever-changing strategically-aligned requirements. As your needs change, so does the platform, but the budget remains the same. With this model there are no costly out-of-scope charges.

Service 04

Expert Account Services and Customer Support

To increase efficiencies and reduce internal staff expenses, HWNY’s Account Service Team can provide expert communication and resources to support the day-to-day implementation of your digital platform, removing any burden on your staff. HWNY can also provide comprehensive, expert, and instantaneous technical support throughout the life of the project.

Service 05

Outreach and Engagement Services

Outreach and engagement services include initiatives in both the Community-Based Programming Plan, as well as the Digital Strategy. Activities in the Community-Based Programming Plan can be directed, overseen, and measured through the HWapps Project Director, and likely involve key partners and local programs such as Area Health Education Center’s outreach programs and the Science, Technology, Engineering & Math program.